The Team

Jon Watson - Director of Coaching

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Jon has been teaching tennis for 30 years, first becoming qualified at the Stonebridge Tennis Academy in the UK in 1985. He has continued his professional development over the years and is currently a registered Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach. With experience overseas in the U.K, Spain and United States, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as director of coaching. With many highlights over the years, assisting former US Open champion Arthur Ashe is a personal stand out. Jon also currently coaches at Box Hill Middle Years Tennis School, assisting the development of some of Victoria's best young talent.  Although experienced teaching all ages and abilities, Jon's particular area of interest is in the development of the younger player. With his wife Lisa, who holds a Bachelor of Education and has years of experience teaching kinder and primary school children, founded Wimbles Junior Tennis in 2000. Wimbles has introduced tennis to thousands of children over the last 14 years. "Seeing the children grow in confidence, self esteem and learn the FUNdemental motor skill that will help them succeed on and off the court, is the biggest achievement and gives me the most satisfaction" . 


Luke Gibson - Senior Assistant Coach

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Luke has been with us at Nunawading from the beginning. First as a student and now as a popular assistant coach. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at Deakin University.  Luke is sports mad. He follows North Melbourne in the footy (lost a bet with Alannah in picture above) and is coach and T20 Blast co-ordinator for Milo Cricket at Balckburn Cricket Club. He is also captain/coach of there 3rd's.  Luke has a great affinity with our younger students and is his main role is teaching our Saturday morning Wimbles classes and assisting after school. Luke is also an Australian Sport Commission qualified Active After School Community Coach.


Jarrod McCluskey - Assistant Coach

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I would like to thank Wimbles for the fantastic tennis lessons provided to my children.  We have been attending for a number of years now and I have witnessed a very systematic method for improving tennis skills.  My children are always provided instruction to match their current skill level and to challenge them a little further each time.  They have fun and feel proud of their successes.  Jon has a great knowledge of different children and adjusts his style to encourage each individual.  He has a keen sense of humour and my children are often laughing during their lessons.  As my children have quite different personalities it has been fantastic to see Jon adjust his methods to deal with each child, especially when they are frustrated and finding a skill difficult to acquire.  Each time Jon will allow them to persevere at their own speed, while also encouraging them to keep trying.  Now my daughter is older and has started in Junior Competitions I see, even more, how wonderful Jon is as a coach.  He provides an enormous amount of support and encouragement, makes it fun, and not at all pressured.  The game really is for the kids, is well organised and requires just enough commitment to make it serious yet enjoyable for all the family.  When we started I thought we’d just try it out but I now see my children continuing for many years.  Having developed enough skills and enjoyment for the game, I believe they will always have it as an avenue to play with others and stay fit for their lifetimes.  This is a wonderful gift that I greatly appreciate.  I really feel like we are all in great hands with Wimbles.

Lee, mum of two (8 &12)

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Mother of former student from age 5 to 12 years (now 18 years old).


Mary, now 9!



It is almost a year now that I am playing tennis here. I am 43 years old and I have found it the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done in my life. It is not only a sport and an exercise for me, but also a source for getting energy. It is always fun to play tennis with a friend, but when I play with Jon (the coach) balls magically land on the right spot, easy to catch. With every ball that I hit back I get a great sense of achievement that lasts for hours after the lesson has finished.

I started with a usual half an hour class, but I enjoyed it so much that I extended the class to one hour; and still when the time is up, I feel like I could continue for ever.

Tennis lessons have also made me more energetic during the week. I feel like I can work more hours on my university projects and with more concentration since I have started learning tennis. Every time I think of my tennis lessons, a smile comes to my face. I count the days for my next lesson.

Thank you Jon, amazing experience

Haleh, adult beginner


Incredible coaching!! Our son wouldn't be where he is today. A young, passionate, devoted tennis player with a bright future, thanks to the skills and the talent inspired in him by a brilliant, gentle, caring and nurturing coach. Jon Watson.

Nathalie, mum of son (10)  


Excellent tennis club. Great coaching focusing on correct technique, good sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game. Highly recommend!

Kathy, mum of two (10 & 7)